Hexvessel ‎– When We Are Death

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A psychedelic forest folk rock band from Finland, founded by Mat McNerney in 2009.

Hexvessel is (February 2020):
Mat McNerney - vocals, guitar
Kimmo Helén - piano, keys, viola, violin, trumpet, backing vocals
Jukka Rämänen - drums, percussion, bass guitar
Jesse Heikkinen - lead guitar, acoustic guitars & 12-string guitars, backing vocals
Ville Hakonen - bass

With additional members:
Marja Konttinen - vocals, percussion
Andrew McIvor - acoustic guitars
Antti Haapapuro - sound effects, field recordings, master of ceremonies

Former members:
Vesa Ajomo - guitars
Jussi Saarivuori - organs, samples
Simo Kuosmanen - lead guitar
Niini Rossi - bass guitar
Tuuli Jartti - violin, backing vocals
Jaakko Niemelä - keys
Dirk Campbell - flutes, duduk (session member)
Daniel Pioro - violin (session member)

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