If You Like LED Zeppelin... Here are Over 200 Bands, Films, Records, and Other Oddities That You Will Love

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(If You Like). It was, and it remains, the greatest rock band the world has ever seen, a giant from the moment of its inception until long after its demise. Even today, more than 30 years after its final flight, Led Zeppelin offers the final word in rock innovation the one band that so many try to emulate and so few come even close to catching. If You Like Led Zeppelin... is the unique story of how Led Zeppelin came together not just as players, but as influences and ideas. It unearths the music that the musicians themselves were listening to, to open up an entire new world of experience and excitement for both casual and committed fans. It then travels beyond Led Zeppelin, to the bands and artists who in turn took their own lead from the Zep. Packed with exclusive comments from friends, contemporaries, and peers, If You Like Led Zeppelin... is a unique window into the world from which Led Zeppelin was born, and the one it created in its wake. From blues and beat bands to California, Morocco, Mali, and beyond, this is the ultimate guidebook for anyone who likes Led Zeppelin.

Auteur: Dave Thompson

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